Press Forward

"Love" in Arabic, by Manar

There was a young women, with an old mindset She had dreams, love and smiles, but one day, She was put down by an abuser who took her youth and energy for life She was diagnosed with tremor, she was diagnosed with anxiety She refused to take medicines because she believed that forgiving, forgetting and overcoming … Continue reading Press Forward


Beautiful Scars

Once a place where smiles Bloomed like butterflies on marigolds, A little girl with a deep scar runs halfway across her chest, and halfway across her face, from brow to lip. Holding a small Hello Kitty suitcase full of Photos and a package of food She was left with, but has all been taken by … Continue reading Beautiful Scars

In the Face of Death

We put a red rose in a bomb that luckily didn’t kill us. Keep the bomb/vase filled with water, don’t let it die. Remove dead leaves, because around it, it is fuss. Just like humans, flowers need sun shine and a clear sky, or they would dry. ___ You may hurt my feelings but wait, I … Continue reading In the Face of Death