Beautiful Scars

Once a place where smiles Bloomed like butterflies on marigolds, A little girl with a deep scar runs halfway across her chest, and halfway across her face, from brow to lip. Holding a small Hello Kitty suitcase full of Photos and a package of food She was left with, but has all been taken by … Continue reading Beautiful Scars


In the Face of Death

We put a red rose in a bomb that luckily didn’t kill us. Keep the bomb/vase filled with water, don’t let it die. Remove dead leaves, because around it, it is fuss. Just like humans, flowers need sun shine and a clear sky, or they would dry. ___ You may hurt my feelings but wait, I … Continue reading In the Face of Death


They die silently under the ground, without a single word being heard They die slowly feeling every single pain and experiencing all kind of torture They eat dust and drink their own blood filled in a big glass They stand, they don’t sit. They stay awake , they don’t sleep. Today, December 4th, Hussam Alnajjar … Continue reading Prisoners-السُّجناء