Diarrhoea is a Killer

Manar Darkazanli Graduation GCH- GWU Lyons, K. (2017, June 02). Diarrhoea kills half a million children globally, shows Lancet study. Retrieved June 29, 2017, from https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2017/jun/02/diarrhoea-kills-half-a-million-children-globally-shows-lancet-study   Description of the global health issue/problem what is being done or could be done to address the global health issue discussed: This guardian article reported a study by … Continue reading Diarrhoea is a Killer


Beautiful Scars

Once a place where smiles Bloomed like butterflies on marigolds, A little girl with a deep scar runs halfway across her chest, and halfway across her face, from brow to lip. Holding a small Hello Kitty suitcase full of Photos and a package of food She was left with, but has all been taken by … Continue reading Beautiful Scars

Let’s Go Together

Silence might be the solution because sometimes it’s better to say nothing and just remain in a dignified silence. I have lost my words, stopped talking and forgot how to type. The only thing I still hear and feel is my heart beats as they are beating for you. Let’s go, as we are: a … Continue reading Let’s Go Together


O, you who commit the sins Of neglecting away this heart of mine… O, you who corrupt them all The flowers in my fields of youth… Oh, the distaste to me you have given And Loving you still but you never gave in I have sacrificed, All my hours and my seconds for you O, … Continue reading Sinner

In the Face of Death

We put a red rose in a bomb that luckily didn’t kill us. Keep the bomb/vase filled with water, don’t let it die. Remove dead leaves, because around it, it is fuss. Just like humans, flowers need sun shine and a clear sky, or they would dry. ___ You may hurt my feelings but wait, I … Continue reading In the Face of Death


They die silently under the ground, without a single word being heard They die slowly feeling every single pain and experiencing all kind of torture They eat dust and drink their own blood filled in a big glass They stand, they don’t sit. They stay awake , they don’t sleep. Today, December 4th, Hussam Alnajjar … Continue reading Prisoners-السُّجناء

Stuck in Memories

There are numbers in my head, that I'll never forget. One day, Damascus was cold and my eyes witnessed a river of bloodshed in Abbaseyyin square, Dimashq. A random bomb hit the capital, accidentally, because it was supposed to explode in the rural areas where poor people live. Yeah, sorry! We don't kill rich people … Continue reading Stuck in Memories