Beautiful Scars

Once a place where smiles Bloomed like butterflies on marigolds,

A little girl with a deep scar runs halfway across her chest, and halfway across her face, from brow to lip.

Holding a small Hello Kitty suitcase full of Photos and a package of food She was left with, but has all been taken by war

Shrouk, which means the sunrise in arabic, Is a 16 year old girl took my hand and whispered to me “be my conscience.. please by my messenger ”

I Looked at the mirror, with some confidence but lots of terror,

Chasing your dreams,

With so many tears.

Take an action Manar, serve the world with compassion.

We sat on the ripped old couch in Damascus,

People were sick from their grouch

My mum told me: صبرٌ جميل– patience is beautiful Manar, patience is beautiful.

My patience didn’t accept the reality,

that the sound of a bomb or an explosion will wake me up,

that my friend will rest in peace in heaven, and be all alone thinking, are the oppressors forgiven?

Another massacre just happened and I was shaking!

A baby child could not survive because his small lungs could not stand the chemical attack

The father was crying “oh my habibi oh my heart” and his sister was yelling “Oh god bring him back”

And from one bombing, Kassir’s family lost 11 member of their family, they lost! Dear world this is not a war this is a holocaust

I couldn’t take this danger anymore, I woke up one day, packed my bags and left my home, to take a new step on my own.

Across the seas,yes! Here, the sky is blue not gray, sounds of birds not bombs, freedom freedom freedom!
I gained My self esteem, all my fears were redeemed
The example of the believers in their affection and compassion is like the body. If one part of this body is in pain then the rest of the body should feel the same
so, can you feel their pain, my pain?

remember إن مع العسر يسراً– Verily, with hardship comes ease.

The life of death.

Walked on argillaceous gravels, dirt and fissured ground. “Be careful! Watch out! There’s a big hole there, we’ll have to jump to get to Um Hussam’s tent” my partner said. A tent? Well, maybe we can call it bunch of stapled plastic bags to make the roof. A bunch of blankets on the “ground” to survive, hopefully. “We made it to her tent!” She said. And so much silence. Shrouk, a 17 years old girl from rural area of Dimashq who fled from Syria 3 years a go, has three kids and pregnant with the fourth. Her skinny petite body is sick. But her smile was everything! Her husband work as a driver and he get paid $4/hr. Her mother is dead. How? while trying to survive, she got shot and died. “Please, i want my child to survive, he’s the only hope that is remainig in my life. Otherwise, I have nothing to lose.” she said. And that’s what happened, his heart beats were strong and he is in a good health. She took my hand and kissed me, “you’re my hope! what’s your name?” She asked. “Manar :)” I said. “So is she!” She said. “Hold your tears Manar, stay strong.” My partner said. We left her place and went to other tents. Kurdish families that taught me some words, Iraqi displaced kids i played with and Syrian families who are finding a way to survive. I saw naked kids walking and getting beaten up by their mothers. I know how stressful their lives are and that this is the way they teach their children, but i wan’t ready to see this. After i got back to the hotel, the team came over my hotel room and all i did was crying on Dr.Thanaa’s shoulder. But after this day, i was fully ready to hear new stories and meet new people/refugees. Day 1 gave me lots of energy and changed my perception of life. Renew your intentions, keep going. (To be continued)

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