Infinite Thoughts

We are so lucky to have the time to admire the beauty of the country we live in, peacefully. Thousands of innocent people are being killed, gassed and detained. They forgot how the sun rise looks like, or what color does a clear sky have. Neither grey nor foggy. Standing right now without fear, is … Continue reading Infinite Thoughts


The Night We Met

Dear, My old lover, It’s 1:30 am, past midnight. Awake because of the coffee i had with you, after running under the rain.. in an old Starbucks on P St NW, Washington DC, the only opened coffee shop.. Or maybe because of my heart beats, for you have the sweetest presence that pushes me to … Continue reading The Night We Met

To My Young Father

Syrian Couple, Beirut

Dear, Not my lover, but my father When you say my name "Menar", flowers bloom in my soul till the eternity And this beam of light that sparkles in your eyes is full of sincerity You are a deep ocean, a bird of paradise and a jasmine chain that collared my heart. You’re not a … Continue reading To My Young Father

Press Forward

"Love" in Arabic, by Manar

There was a young women, with an old mindset She had dreams, love and smiles, but one day, She was put down by an abuser who took her youth and energy for life She was diagnosed with tremor, she was diagnosed with anxiety She refused to take medicines because she believed that forgiving, forgetting and overcoming … Continue reading Press Forward

Let’s Go Together

Silence might be the solution because sometimes it’s better to say nothing and just remain in a dignified silence. I have lost my words, stopped talking and forgot how to type. The only thing I still hear and feel is my heart beats as they are beating for you. Let’s go, as we are: a … Continue reading Let’s Go Together


O, you who commit the sins Of neglecting away this heart of mine… O, you who corrupt them all The flowers in my fields of youth… Oh, the distaste to me you have given And Loving you still but you never gave in I have sacrificed, All my hours and my seconds for you O, … Continue reading Sinner