Infinite Thoughts

We are so lucky to have the time to admire the beauty of the country we live in, peacefully. Thousands of innocent people are being killed, gassed and detained. They forgot how the sun rise looks like, or what color does a clear sky have. Neither grey nor foggy. Standing right now without fear, is a huge grace I have to thank Allah for. Why are we numb while, bloodshed is everywhere. Why are we lost while we are chosen to work hard for them after God’s sake, and to make the change. The world is messed up, and hope is fading. But No, who are we to lose hope if the people who are suffering keep saying “بكرا احلى” ->> “tomorrow is beautiful.”Abdulrahman, a prisoner who suffered in the Syrian prison for a year, once said, “Oh God, let the sun shine and hit my face, let me splash water on my skin, let me walk on my feet because I don’t want to crawl.”  And I say ” Oh Allah, give me strength and guidance. Let me be useful for the people in need, let me me be the light, the candle and the minaret as my name means.”


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