To My Young Father

Syrian Couple, Beirut


Not my lover, but my father

When you say my name “Menar”, flowers bloom in my soul till the eternity

And this beam of light that sparkles in your eyes is full of sincerity

You are a deep ocean, a bird of paradise and a jasmine chain that collared my heart.

You’re not a transit camp for temporary stay, where your words are counted day by day

You blend my darkness with your white heart, my life becomes grey

Faith light up candles, and like the minaret, my heart called you to pray

You pulled my played soul from hell, to heaven,

And unconsciously, I’m trapped in you.

I won’t confess my love, to not loose you.

But your eyes will see through my veil,

Your beauty that flows in my all veins…

I hope those unspoken words will be caught by your eyes

Because then,

We’ll be side by side, surrounding our tight zone with love and cries.


Your Young Woman


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