Press Forward

"Love" in Arabic, by Manar

There was a young women, with an old mindset

She had dreams, love and smiles, but one day,

She was put down by an abuser who took her youth and energy for life

She was diagnosed with tremor, she was diagnosed with anxiety

She refused to take medicines because she believed that forgiving, forgetting and overcoming the hardship is the solution

She believed that herself and God are the only effective treatments with zero side effects

like a small ship in an ocean waves took her a way from her destination

to a dark road full of holes, echoes and betrayers

She felt down but stood up stronger, she resisted

She got punched in her face because of her beliefs, yet, she continued believing

Once she found love, home and warmth

but love didn’t hold her, and as soon as she felt unwanted, she quit, because dignity was the only definition she was taught not to quit   

days and months passed, hardships killed and collapsed her pure soul

Is it her fault because she had a naive heart?

Like a Sailor her pain navigated away, once she saw the light of God in her dream, she smiled

like a small bird in a cage, once opened, she couldn’t do anything but fly

fly and fight for your comfort and dreams, flee away from pain, keep shining like a diamond and never underestimate who you are!


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