O, you who commit the sins
Of neglecting away this heart of mine…
O, you who corrupt them all
The flowers in my fields of youth…
Oh, the distaste to me you have given
And Loving you still but you never gave in
I have sacrificed, All my hours and my seconds for you
O, the sinner that you are …
And in a deal of treachery you have sold me,
So thank you much, the sinner that you are…
اه يا جاني على الفؤاد اللي رماني
اه يا جاني زهر شبابي في جناني
ياما جاني الجفا منك
وحبي إلك ماجاني
ضحيتلك بالساعات والثواني
اه يا جاني
بعتيني في سوق الغدر
شكرا اذا يا جاني


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