The life of death.

Walked on argillaceous gravels, dirt and fissured ground. “Be careful! Watch out! There’s a big hole there, we’ll have to jump to get to Um Hussam’s tent” my partner said. A tent? Well, maybe we can call it bunch of stapled plastic bags to make the roof. A bunch of blankets on the “ground” to survive, hopefully. “We made it to her tent!” She said. And so much silence. Shrouk, a 17 years old girl from rural area of Dimashq who fled from Syria 3 years a go, has three kids and pregnant with the fourth. Her skinny petite body is sick. But her smile was everything! Her husband work as a driver and he get paid $4/hr. Her mother is dead. How? while trying to survive, she got shot and died. “Please, i want my child to survive, he’s the only hope that is remainig in my life. Otherwise, I have nothing to lose.” she said. And that’s what happened, his heart beats were strong and he is in a good health. She took my hand and kissed me, “you’re my hope! what’s your name?” She asked. “Manar :)” I said. “So is she!” She said. “Hold your tears Manar, stay strong.” My partner said. We left her place and went to other tents. Kurdish families that taught me some words, Iraqi displaced kids i played with and Syrian families who are finding a way to survive. I saw naked kids walking and getting beaten up by their mothers. I know how stressful their lives are and that this is the way they teach their children, but i wan’t ready to see this. After i got back to the hotel, the team came over my hotel room and all i did was crying on Dr.Thanaa’s shoulder. But after this day, i was fully ready to hear new stories and meet new people/refugees. Day 1 gave me lots of energy and changed my perception of life. Renew your intentions, keep going. (To be continued)


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