Innocent Feelings-مشَاعر بريئَة

Please, don’t play with my emotions, for I feel weak.
Please, don’t make me suffer, for it takes too long to heal.
Please, don’t break my heart, for I don’t want to die before my actual death.
Please, don’t start another war, for I have unstable angina breathlessness.
Please, don’t torture me day after another, for I don’t yell, I burn.
You are the border between two countries,
I’m your home, not your hotel room.
You are the happiness, the paradox that joins two borders.
I’m rivers of pure water you need, not your whiskey.
I’m a loyal giver, but If your hurt me; I won’t cry, I pour.
With everyone, I’m conservative, but my skin, my taste, my heart beats and my secrets are for you, for you only.
And my soul departed in yours,
If others tried to approach me, I shall not give a glance.
And if they called, I shall not hear.
Fate is in the sky, staring at us.
Sun should rise and shine,
Birds should sing our songs again,
Songs of freedom and unity.
Songs of justice and love.
In the name of love, they hurt.
Just like in Syria,
In the name of freedom, they kill.


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