Stuck in Memories

There are numbers in my head, that I’ll never forget.

One day, Damascus was cold and my eyes witnessed a river of bloodshed in Abbaseyyin square, Dimashq. A random bomb hit the capital, accidentally, because it was supposed to explode in the rural areas where poor people live. Yeah, sorry! We don’t kill rich people who serve the government and worship the president.Ignorance is the major factor that divided Syrians into millions of different groups.It’s all because of the Assad family who established an authoritarian government under the control of the Ba’ath party since 1971.

‎”الأسد او نحرق البلد” Which means, “Either Assad or We’ll Burn the Country.”

“Either Assad or We’ll Burn the Country”, Damascus.
That was their way to force the civilians to say  “لا اله الا بشار الاسد” which means, “There’s no God but Bashar al-Assad.”

Two examples of how this government poisoned our minds; making the people like robots that go and repeat the orders to the others, and if they said no, one bullet is enough to end their lives.

Yeah, don’t waste a lot of bullets, we still have thousands to kill and our economy has failed. My last visit to Damascus was in June of 2014 and all I felt was injustice, oppression and corruption.We used to say out loud after singing the national anthem:

From the Levant to Yemen.

From Baghdad to Lebanon to Aden.

One bright dream. One united nation.

But they all failed Syria, my country, my homeland. Where are you?


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