A Princess With Dreams

Peace be upon everyone, believers, dreamers.

To begin:

Loosing my self and that’s what I fear. That one day, my people won’t be here.

A flash back two years ago.

My inner conversation:

Looking at the mirror,

With some confidence and terror,

Chasing your dreams,

With so many tears.

Take action, serve the world with compassion.

We sat on the ripped old couch,

People were sick with their grouch

My mum told me: صبرٌ جميل– patience is beautiful Manar, patience is beautiful.

My patience didn’t accept the reality, that the sound of a bomb or an explosion will wake me up,

that my friend will rest in peace in heaven, and be all alone thinking, are the oppressors forgiven?

Another massacre just happened and I was shaking!! Wait, إنّ الله معنا-Indeed Allah is with us, remember Manar.

I couldn’t take this danger anymore, I woke up one day, packed my bags and left my home, to take a new step on my own.

Across the seas,yes!

Here, the sky is blue not gray, sounds of birds not bombs, freedom freedom freedom!

I gained My self esteem, all my fears were redeemed

Day after another, a muslim girl got attacked, the media is all hacked, He was shot, She was sexually assaulted and the criminal wasn’t caught.

We have to take an action, dear world have some mercy and compassion.

I asked a convert to Islam, what did you feel in your first prayer? He said: Peace.

Peaceful Islam is being hurt, muslim’s heart are burned.

It’s my turn.

I took every single chance to raise awareness, to discuss islamophobia, wrote articles, presented the reality of hijab, and because muslims can’t speak up and don’t have a platform, I created my own, through words, morals and values.

You have to be hurt in order to Learn.

A Current Flash:

-Where are you?

*In the Syrian Refugee camps, on a medical mission.

Take the first step, guide yourself and be a rep, remember إن مع العسر يسراً– Verily, with hardship comes ease.

Imagine your dream in your deep thoughts to bloom in your heart.


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